A downloadable game for macOS

This is a virtual experience that translates the work of 8990 (a visual project that applies the work of artist Fabiola Morcillo (1989)  to a dynamic medium, such as videos and light projections), in the form of a gallery-like experience.

This work uses the music of 36 (https://3six.net/album/ego-death)

Made in Unreal Engine 4, 8990 is still in a prototype stage.



  • Panning with mouse movement
  • Click to interact
  • Click and drag to move cursor


Interact with 3 objects to open up the exit to this world



Originally made with VR and AR capabilities, 

Made as a test application for the study "Methodologies and Design Patterns for User Interfaces in Immersive Experiences such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality", work made for applying to the mayor of Computer Science Engineering at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María.

Soon to be at the iOS App Store.


8990 - Mac AR Version 123 MB

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